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Dear Dr.Abramova
My wife and I would like to thank you for your help and to promote your naturopathic approach to others who are interested in alternative and affordable treatment of health issues without any side effects.
After two years of unsuccessfull and costly (over $2,000) traditional treatment of Candida and fungal nail infection, my wife was able to fully recuperate in only four months by following diet, supplements, vitamins and biofeedback sessions with Dr. Abramova. The problem with helicobacter pylori was also solved in several weeks, without any antibiotics, through a combination of the biofeedback sessions, phytotherapy and diet.
My weight optimization program, overseen by Dr. Abramova, included a combination of vitamins, minerals, diet and basic exercises, led to a weight loss of 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds), and also restored my muscles. I can do 50+ push ups at my age of 56! My pancreas function was balanced, resulting in the decrease of the glucose level from 6.8-7.0 to 5.3-5.8, as observed during three consective blood tests during an 18 month period. Finally, my prostate function was restored as well.
All this was achieved by natural means.
With many thanks to Dr. Abramova,

Alex & Valentina Gontcharov

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I first went to Gala for help with digestive difficulties, that had troubled me on and off for several years, but had suddenly got worse. Through the very gentle process of electro-dermal testing we were able to identify the foods that were difficult for me to digest. With the reduction of these foods from my diet and the addition of particular supplements I no longer suffer stomach pain and nausea. As a bonus, I lost 15 lbs and have virtually eliminated my allergy symptoms.
Many, many thanks Gala.

Margaret C.

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I have been suffering from stomach problems for years with gas, bloating, bad heartburn, headaches, fatigue and pain. I got all the appropriate tests done but everything showed normal. It got so bad I actually couldnt eat. That is when a colleague of mine suggested seeing naturopath Gala Abramova. She was able to test me for many foods and could tell me definitively what the problem was. It changed my life. I lost the middle aged spread, my stomach became normal and, as long as I stayed within her guidelines, I could eat well. She was even able to test me for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and, as I have osteoporosis, that was very important. Galyna helped me more than I could have wished for and I have enormous respect for her level of expertise and professionalism. I feel very lucky to have met her.


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Despite eating healthily and the same amount of food as everyone else I was always overweight.
I also had skin problems. Dieting never really helped me as I would lose the weight in the short term but then pile it back on when the diet stopped. Eventually I got bio-energetic testing and discovered that I had Candida infection, my thyroid was under active and I also had food intolerances to dairy and wheat. I cut these foods out of my diet and Gala did the list of products what I need to eat to balance my thyroid and eliminate Candida. Following this special diet and taking natural remedies with biofeedback sessions, Candida infection was gone, my thyroid was balanced and my weight started to drop steadily. In the first few weeks I dropped 10 pounds, and after 6 months I had lost 25 pounds with no extra effort. My skin is glowing and my digestion improved. I feel a lot healthier.
Thank you for all your continuing help and support.

Irina C.

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I would like to say thank you for all you have done. Now I am a non smoker! I smoked for 20 years and tried everything in the world to give up and nothing helped. I was sceptical that this method could work for me, but now I am pleased to say I have been proved wrong. I have recommended you to all my friends and colleagues.

Guy N.

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I was really heavy smoker (more than 20 cigarettes daily) and I had tried various methods to stop smoking but never managed to kick the habit. I cannot believe that after one session of the bioresonance therapy, I am nicotine-free! Since the treatment I have not felt agitated or anxious at all as I would have expected. Its such a great feeling to say that I am a non smoker now!
Thank you doc!

Michael D.

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Both my husband and I had very positive experiences from our visits with Gala. We were surprised to learn how different foods, supplements and medications affected our bodies both positively and negatively and by making simple changes to our everyday diets, experienced positive lasting results. Also we were amazed by non-invasive method of investigation as a computerized electro-dermal screening. Its really very accurate and safe method.

Sharon and Ross P.

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